Lightweight Industrial Tents – WS-Series

The competitively priced WS range of lightweight industrial tents are ideal for clients looking for a budget building that doesn’t compromise on quality or structural integrity. These industrial marquee structures take just days to build and can be purchased or hired.

  • Our lightweight industrial marquees are essentially a smaller, lighter version of our standard L-SERIES Buildings with a PVC one-piece cover that is tensioned to the ground anchor plates.

  • The wall height goes up to 4.40m, bay distances are 2.50m instead of 5.00m and the width goes from 5.00m to 20.00m wide.

  • As with all our product ranges, customised sizes and designs for a WS industrial marquee are available as part of the standard product offering.

Key Features & Benefits

Strong and Durable

Strength and durability are the key features of all our structures. The main framework for our industrial marquee tents is an extremely durable, non-corrosive, low maintenance extruded structural grade aluminium alloy. This type of frame gains further strength by being able to flex against loads and impacts. Although the majority of the frame is engineered from aluminium a corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanised steel is used for all connecting components.


A lightweight industrial marquee can be ordered, delivered and installed within days of your enquiry.


Does not require expensive foundations i.e. installed on to your existing site.


Our storage buildings can be configured to fit exact site and operational requirements.


Manufactured in Germany using only quality European-sourced materials.


Supplied with an easy to use lockable PVC door unit as standard or roller shutter doors.


Choice of other accessories and additional features.

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Specification Overview

Quality: designed in compliance with German DIN EN 13782 norms.

Frame: non-corrosive aluminium alloy frame with galvanised steel connectors.


Roof System: one-piece industrial grade PVC cover tensioned to the ground anchor plates.

Height: from 3.50m – 4.40m.


Walls: one-piece industrial grade PVC cover tensioned to the ground anchor plates.

Available: for hire or purchase.

Length: extendable to any length in increments of 2.5m.

Width: available in widths from 5.00m – 20.00m.


Lightweight Buildings Case Studies

Industrial Tents - Hire or Purchase.


At HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings we recognise that customer circumstances and needs differ widely. Therefore we provide a wide range of competitively priced Industrial Tents and Industrial Marquees to suit a variety of applications. We also aim to provide you with the ideal funding method to suit your specific requirements. HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings portable lightweight buildings can be hired (subject to geographical location) or purchased outright.

Hiring an Industrial Marquee 

If you are unsure of the exact length of time that you will require the lightweight industrial marquee then the hire option is the most appropriate. It provides total flexibility since you can “off-hire” the industrial storage tent at the end of the agreed rental period or extend the rental for a further term. Because the hire cost is treated as a business expense for the company renting the temporary building, the entire rental cost can be set against the company’s tax liability for each financial year of the rental period – the longer the hire period, the lower the monthly payments become.

Industrial Tents for Outright Purchase

As a guide, the longer the industrial storage tent is required the more the straight purchase option becomes attractive. If you choose the purchase option, it is important to note that the structure will always remain as a marketable asset. As our modular temporary buildings are fully demountable, when the tent is no longer required, it can be sold on the open market and will always provide a good return on the original capital expenditure cost. To guarantee your options, we offer a buy-back option on all original portable buildings purchased directly through HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings.

For further funding advice please call or email us at: