Temporary Building, Warehouse, Workshop and Temporary Canopy Solutions from HTS tentiQ Industrial offer the performance of more traditional building methods with the advantages of “off-site” prefabricated building construction.

  • Time – installation time of a typical sized temporary building is under a week and we can build onto existing concrete surfaces or pre-prepared pads. The install program causes minimal disruption meaning business can continue operations at full capacity.
  • Durability – as standard our warehouse buildings comply with UK and international building codes for structural safety and can be used short or long term. Buildings can be engineered to meet country, region or site specific building codes (including high altitude earthquake zones!!) as part of our standard design, engineering and manufacturing service.
  • Budget – normally no need for expensive ground works or lengthy build programs which help keep budgets low. The modular design and simple construction method dramatically reduces design, build, equipment and labour costs; creating a fast return on a low investment.


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Building types

A temporary building from HTS tentiQ Industrial is ideal for storage, warehousing, workshops, logistics, waste processing and retail!

Is a HTS tentiQ Temporary Building or Warehouse Building Right for Your Business?

We can almost certainly meet your needs and budget with our manufacturing capability and extensive temporary building and warehouse range.

  • Non-insulated and insulated buildings, canopies and steel roof buildings.
  • Sizes: width from 5.00m – 30.00m, eave heights from 4.20m – 7.20m and available in unlimited lengths!
  • Fully custom designed buildings are available on request.
  • Wide choice of cladding systems for insulation and aesthetic needs.
  • Available for sale or hire throughout the UK & Eire.

Why is a Warehouse Building From HTS tentiQ Better Than Other Options?

  • You will get a factory direct building, not a mismatch of components from hire stock.
  • You will get a comprehensive ten year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Your warehouse building will be designed and manufactured by one of Europe’s most technically advanced design teams and factories.

Strength and durability are the key features of our structures. The main framework of our temporary warehouse building range are manufactured from maintenance free, highly durable and robust extruded structural grade aluminium alloy for the main uprights, rafters and roof purlins and corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanised steel for all connection pieces.  

All HTS tentiQ structure frames are supplied with a comprehensive ten year warranty against material defects.